Review of Dizo Wireless Power Neckband Bluetooth Earphones: Simple operation with attractive design

Dizo is a well-known Realme brand that sells accessories and audio products at a reasonable price. The business just debuted a Bluetooth in-ear headset with a wireless neckband style. The business has previously introduced Dizo Wireless in this area. Compared to the previous model, the new wearable has been released with some enhancements.

Dizo Wireless Power is priced at Rs 1,399 in India.

Dizo Wireless Power, which retails for Rs 1,399 in India, is made specifically for people looking for inexpensive wireless headphones. Is this the greatest wireless neckband headset you can now purchase for under Rs 1500? Learn more from this review.

Dizo Wireless Power Features and Design

The design of the recently released Dizo Wireless Power and the Dizo Wireless from 2021 differ greatly, yet there is not much difference between them. The Power Hive design, which features a beehive-like pattern on the neckband, has been applied to the new headset. It appears quite nice. Nothing else has been added to it that significantly differs from the prior headset’s design except from this.

Short cables exiting the earpiece and connecting to the adjustable neckband give the earphones a good in-fit canal. A magnetic power switch on the earpieces turns them on while they are unpaired and off when they are coupled.

A multifunction button for playback controls, a volume rocker, and a USB Type C port for charging are all located on the right side of the device.

The fit of this headset was excellent. Even when it was in storage, the earpieces occasionally came apart, as is frequently the case with other neckband headsets, which allowed it to switch on and connect to my smartphone.

Water resistance for Dizo Wireless Power is rated at IPX4. Additionally, it offers an 88ms low latency gaming mode and an environmental noise reduction capability for use during calls. The wearable is available in Classic Black, Violet Blue, and Hunter Green colours and weighs 27.1 grammes.

The sales package includes a total of three pairs of silicone ear tips and charging cables.

Dizo Wireless Power Specifications and App

Dizo Wireless Power can only couple with Android devices, however you can connect it via the Realme Link app. In order to connect it to your Google account, it also supports Google Fast Pair.

I have frequently mentioned how wonderfully the Realme Link app functions in prior evaluations as well. With this wearable, the app performs just as effectively. Ignore any issues I may have missed when using this app on other devices. The software shows the battery status of your wearable, allows you to choose between three equaliser presets, turns on game mode, and enables you personalise multi-function button controls.

You may programme the multi-function buttons to do various functions, including playing, voice assistant activation, gaming mode activation, and switching between the previous two associated devices. All of them were functioning well, but I was unable to use my OnePlus 9 Pro’s voice assistant at all.

Additionally, it features a volume control to increase the volume and an auto answer toggle to answer incoming calls automatically. Loudness Enhancer delivers on its promise to increase volume, but the sound quality suffers as a result.

In Dizo Wireless Power, dynamic drivers measuring 11.2 mm have been provided. It connects using Bluetooth 5.2. Only the SBC Bluetooth codec is supported.

Battery life and performance of Dizo Wireless Power

Although the sound quality of inexpensive headsets is typically quite subpar, I feel that this wearable falls short of the expectations established by its price range. Its previous model, which costs less than this, has better sound quality in my opinion.

The absence of support for the AAC Bluetooth codec is another factor in this. However, in general, I thought its sound was rather irritating and feeble. When I heard Skepsis’ Freak on it, the song’s strong bass felt incredibly restrained. The song’s midrange and highs were muted by a disconcerting reverb, and listening to it rapidly grew tiresome.

The Opposite Ways of Brasstracks also had the sensation of hearing a music through a pipe. In this rap-based jazz track, the bottom parts were losing their vocalists, and the saxophone was drawing attention away from the right parts of the song.

Overall, I didn’t think the sound was well-crafted. It has a strong bass sound to it. Long periods of listening to it sound pretty draining. The wearable’s call quality was passable indoors and excellent for brief calls outdoors. Stability of the link was unaffected. Up to a distance of 4 metres from the source device, the earphones were in perfect working order.

Their battery life is comparable to Dizo Wireless’, which will be considered pretty average given the price. With moderate use, the earbuds can last up to 10 hours between charges. These also have fast charging, which can deliver two hours of backup power in just ten minutes. They need around two hours to charge completely.

Our Decision


Dizo’s partnership with Realme is very advantageous for business, and the way it creates goods with lots of features, the brand name, and the reasonable prices of its products all influence customers. While many of its products are suitable for the price, the Dizo Wireless Power falls short, and this is where it fails.

The wearable costs Rs 1,399, which is not a high price, but except the design, fit, and app support, it lacks other functions of this nature. Its sound quality did not appeal to me. I can’t recommend many neckbands that cost less than Rs 1500. I would advise you to pay a little extra and purchase the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2, which offers a superior experience and features like rapid charging and battery life.

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