Vidbullet and VidBullet 2.0 Review

Overview of VidBullet

If you are looking for an automated video-creating software then VidBullet is a perfect option for you. With VidBullet,  you can easily create videos for local businesses in a much faster way.

What is VidBullet?

VidBullet 2.0 is the world’s first and fastest automated video creation tool, which creates a new format of attention-grabbing marketing videos with 3 minutes of effort – and ZERO EDITING!

The new videos we created are called ‘Video Bulletins’ and it’s has been proven and tested over decades to get more attention and engagement than anything else.

It’s used by news networks in viral videos, slide shows, and explainer videos.
This is a revolutionary new software and nothing else like it exists on the market today.

This used to take a huge amount of effort and skill.

VidBullet 2.0 makes it as simple as filling in a form and hitting ‘Submit’.

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Here, VidBullet 2.0 is not only confined to video creation also you can publish lots of videos on YouTube and other platforms. By publishing videos on YouTube and other platforms you can drive the traffic to your site.

Vidbullet Video Software

In just 3 minutes, the software allows you to create high-quality videos along with the voice-over. This software makes it easier for business holders so that they can make videos quickly and easily for businesses.

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We know that YouTube has evolved as an excellent platform to generate leads by publishing the videos on these platforms improves your business’s social engagement.  You will also get backlinks from these platforms which will help you increase your Google ranking.

Specification of Vidbullet and Vidbullet 2.0:

Program Title

VidBullet 2.0


Chris Munch

Voice Over Language



For a Personal license, $47

For Commercial License, $67

Official Website

Click Here

Refund available

Yes( 30 Day Money Back Guarantee)

Voice Over


High-Quality Videos


Publishing on social media platforms


Duration for a money-back guarantee

30 Days

 Features of VidBullet 2.0:

Automated Video Creation:

Rather than the hectic process of video creating and editing, it offers you automatic video creation by just filling in the required details and your video will be ready in few minutes.

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Proven Video Style: VidBullet 2.0 offers you video styles that are proven to increase traffic on your site.

Allows Voiceover: This tool allows you to voice over your videos, which makes them more interesting and engaging.

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Increase Viewer Attention: VidBullet 2.0 offers you to add high-impact news-style videos to your content, which can viral your content and attracts viewer attention.

Background Music: VidBullet 2.0 offers you to add three background music to your videos.

High-Quality Videos and Images: VidBullet 2.0 offers you to create High-definition videos and High-Resolution images.

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Built-in Traffic system: VidBullet 2.0 offers you to build a list of traffic from videos. It also offers a built-in SEO feature that helps in improving the Google ranking of your site.

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Offers two types of License: VidBullet 2.0 offers you two types of licenses

  • Personal License: This license offers 50 videos, 3 background music tracks, and 5 HD snippets.
  • Commercial License: This license offers you to create unlimited videos and along with 5ND snippets.

Allows publishing videos on other platforms: VidBullet 2.0 has an automatic publishing option that will enable you to post your videos on YouTube and other social platforms. This removes the hectic task of downloading the video and then uploading it all over again.

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Boost your Business: VidBullet 2.0 offers you publishing videos on social media, clickable ads, etc. these features will increase traffic to your site and also generate greater revenue. Hence, this will boost your business.

Pros and Cons of Vidbullet 2.0:


    • Saves your money, as you can create a video on your own rather than hiring a video creator.
    • You can easily create promotional videos to boost up your business.
    • It allows you to publish your videos on social media, which increases the social engagement of your business.
    • It offers you a 30-Days money-back guarantee.
    • 100% automation video creation which skips the hectic process of video making and editing.
    • You can also sell these videos.
    • It is used to create clickable ads, which generate a lot of revenue and also increases traffic to your site.
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No more Cons yet.

Videbullet pricing Package



50 Video Production per month

Unlimited Video production

Lifetime Access

Lifetime Access

5 High Quality Template

5 High Quality Template

Full Access to Images and Gif

Full Access to Images and Gif

200+ Royalty Free audio track

200+ Royalty Free audio track

Automatic Voiceover in multiple language

Automatic Voiceover in multiple language

Auto Publish feature to YouTube and Vimeo

Auto Publish feature to YouTube and Vimeo

Exclusive Perk #1: 30 Day Traffic Authority Engine($495 Value)

Exclusive Perk #1: 30 Day Traffic Authority Engine($495 Value)

Exclusive Perk #2: Hacking the YouTube Algorithm($495 Value)

Exclusive Perk #2: Hacking the YouTube Algorithm($495 Value)

Exclusive Perk #3: Foot in the Door Client method($495 Value)

Exclusive Perk #3: Foot in the Door Client method($495 Value)

Personal License can not sale VidBullet for Profit

Full commercial License to sale VidBullet for Profit

Price: $77 Today's Special Price

Price: $97 Today's Special Price

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VidBullet 2.0 Review:

VidBullet 2.0 will be the ideal store choice for bloggers, content markets, freelancers, affiliates and, local businesses. There is a lot of video-making software in the market but VidBullet stands unbeatable owing to its simple yet effective styles and performance.

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For those who don,t know much about video editing, VidBullet will be best. VidBullet has been designed to make your work a lot easier.

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VidBullet comes with different features, graphics, templates, music tracks, and much more.


Q. Can VidBullet be used to make videos for businesses?

Ans.  yes

Q. Do this video-making software allows voice-over?

Ans. yes

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Q. Does this video-making software allow video editing?

Ans. yes

Q. Do I need to learn editing for using VidBullet?

Ans. No, you need not learn video editing for using VidBullet at it makes things easier for you if you can create videos in a few minutes by just adding the details of your needs.

Q. Does VidBullet offers any refund?

Ans. Yes, it comes with an amazing 30 days money-back guarantee which is enough for you to understand if this software is working for you or not in case it doesn’t work for you will get your refund.

Vidbullet Video Software

Q. Does it allows you to publish videos on social media?

Ans. Yes

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Q. Can VidBullet help you in gaining traffic?

Ans. Yes, all the marketing campaigns like clickable at publishing videos on social media and SEO executive and video making is done to generate greater revenue and to increase traffic and also promote your business.

Q. Can VidBullet can be used to make videos for blogging?

Ans. Yes, this software will drive more traffic to your blog increase your page view, and also revenue.

Q. Does it require extra efforts for SEO?

Ans. No, as there are many building features you need not need to put extra effort into SEO.

Q. Can VidBullet be used to create paid advertising videos?

Ans. Yes, paid advertising videos can be made by using VidBullet as it can be used to develop clip clickable ads.


VidBullet 2.0 is such effective software that is used to create high-quality videos along with a voice-over. If you opt for the hectic process of video making and editing,  you will require so much time, money, and effort. Also, you have to hire video creators.

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This tool completely vanishes this hectic process. You can make videos on your own by just filling in the details without going through the sophisticated video editing process. VidBullet can also be a boon to your business as it is used to increase traffic to your site and generate greater revenue.

You can choose VidBullet over Animoto, which is also an automated video-creating software. Animoto requires additional skills and knowledge about editing the video and is also drives huge traffic to your site but VidBullet  2.0 offers you the same features in a simpler and easy video creation style.

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