Twitter blocked 45,000+ Indian accounts, know here what is the reason

Twitter: For breaking its rules, Twitter banned 45,191 Indian users’ accounts in the month of July. This information was provided by the microblogging service in its monthly compliance report on Friday. Please inform us of the legal dispute Twitter was having with the Indian government regarding content blocking orders.

For breaking its rules, Twitter banned 45,191 Indian users’ accounts in the month of July.

Changes due to new IT rules, 2021

Twitter reported that it has suspended 42,825 accounts in India for encouraging child sexual abuse, non-consensual nudity, and related content in its monthly compliance report. 2,366 additional accounts were barred.

Between June 26 and July 25, the microblogging platform received 874 complaints and handled 70 of them through its national grievance procedure. Twitter terminated more than 43,140 accounts belonging to Indian users in June.

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According to Twitter

“While we encourage everyone to express themselves on our platform, we do not accept conduct that threatens or dehumanizes others or tries to silence their voices. Has or exhibits dread.”

Large digital and social media platforms with more than 5 million users will need to provide a monthly compliance report in accordance with the new IT Rules 2021. In its Grievance Officer-India route, Twitter handles complaints about account verification, access to the account, and requests for support or information regarding an account or Twitter’s disciplinary measures. Additionally, 124 complaints have been sent to Twitter. processed, which involved a suspension of account appeal.

According to the business, all of these issues were rectified, and the proper responses were delivered. After carefully considering the circumstances, we decided not to lift the suspension of any of these accounts. Whistleblower Peter Zatko, the former head of security at Twitter, said in the compliance report that the Indian government had given the platform permission to “employ” a government agent and “provide access to sensitive user data.” Let us remind you that Twitter petitioned the Karnataka High Court in May to challenge the Indian government’s order to remove specific information from its platform.

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