Jio vs Airtel: Whose plan with 1GB data per day is cheaper and best

Jio vs Airtel

If you go for Airtel’s plan with 1GB data per day, then its starting price is Rs 209. This plan comes with a validity of 21 days i.e. you will get a total of 21 GB data. Unlimited calling is also available on all networks in this plan.

Although Jio vs Airtel offer a variety of plans, the ones with 1 GB of data per day tend to be the most popular. Most of you have probably renewed these contracts, however only a small percentage of individuals are aware of which Jio or Airtel plan is the best.

The most popular plans are those with 1 GB of data per day because the majority of city dwellers have Wi-Fi installed in their homes. To maintain the number in such a situation, they adopt such a plan. In today’s analysis, we’ll let you know which Airtel or Jio plan offers the greatest 1GB of data each day.

Jio vs Airtel: From Reasonability to Advantages

The 1GB daily data plan from Jio starts at Rs 149. With this plan, you will receive a total of 20GB of data for 20 days. Additionally, this plan includes unlimited calling on all networks and 100 SMS each day. You will have free access to the Jio TV, Jio Cinema, Jio Cloud, and Jio Security apps with this package.

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The beginning cost of Airtel’s plan with 1GB of data per day is Rs 209. You will receive a total of 21 GB of data under this plan, which has a validity of 21 days. On all networks, unlimited calling is included with this plan as well as 100 free SMS.

Jio Rs 179 vs Airtel Rs 239 plan: Validity and benefits

  • Jio has another plan of Rs 179 in which 24 days validity is available. In this plan, 1GB data is available daily. Apart from this, 100 SMS per day along with unlimited calling and subscription of Jio apps are also available in this.
  • Airtel has a plan of Rs 239 and this also comes with a validity of 24 days. In this also 1GB data is available daily. With this plan, 100 SMS will be available and a subscription of the Airtel app will be available.

Validity and advantages of the Jio Rs 209 vs. Airtel Rs 265 plan

Jio offers a Rs 209 plan with 1 GB of data per day and a 28-day validity period. All of the features included in the aforementioned plan are included in this one as well.

Another package offered by Airtel costs Rs 265 and is valid for 28 days. Additionally, it has capabilities like limitless messaging and calling.

Overall, Jio’s plan is less expensive than Airtel’s 1 GB per day offerings. Jio thus comes out on top.


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