Google Play Store turns10 years old: Launched in 2012

The globe enjoys the apps and games that are developed in India. The popularity of these apps has also grown by 150 percent over the past two years. Additionally, Hindi and regional language apps are also popular.

The Google Play Store has turns for 10 years old. In 2012, Google initially made this environment available to everyone. Since then, the Google Play Store’s apps, games, and digital content are used by 2.5 billion people, or 250 million people per month, in 190 countries.

In this case, Google stated on Tuesday that the business will keep investing in India in order to address regional opportunities and challenges and support the continued development of high-quality apps for the Google Play Store.

  • Google introduced the Google Play Store in 2012, starting with India.
  • After that, Google released Google Play Protect in 2017 to protect users.
  • To improve the e-learning platform, Google released Google Play Academy in 2018.
  • The indie Games Accelerator was introduced by Google to help game startups in the same year.
  • The inclusion of UPI in 2019 was done to encourage online payments.
  • To boost developer revenue, Google Play Console was introduced in the year 2020.
  • Google introduced Appscale Academy in 2021–2022.
  • Google will introduce Play Pass and Offer in India in 2022.

The Data Safety section was introduced by Google Play Store in the same year to track user security and app data usage.

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Popular Indian games and apps worldwide

Aditya Swamy, Director of the Google India Play Partnership, stated that the globe enjoys Indian apps and games on this occasion. The popularity of these apps has also grown by 150 percent over the past two years.

In terms of education, payment, health, entertainment, and gaming, India is becoming more and more popular. In India, people are also interested in health-related apps. Additionally, Hindi and regional language apps are also popular. Additionally, the number of active monthly users of Indian games and apps has increased by 200%.

In order to continue developing the greatest and most significant apps for the Google Play store, we will continue to invest in these possibilities and challenges in India.

Google Play Store usage is most popular in India.

Aditya Swamy, Director of Google India Play Partnership, added that 20 lakh people have established their businesses by partnering with us. Every developer’s idea should be available to users everywhere. When it comes to using and downloading apps from the Google Play Store, India is likewise in the lead.

He claimed that we are witnessing the daily hiring of numerous individuals and the creation of numerous international chances.

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