Community Radio: Time for giving suggestions for community radio extended, TRAI extended the deadline for two weeks

TRAI had also requested opinions on the topic of community radio stations regarding extending the current five-year operating licence to a 10-year one. Prior to now, TRAI had requested input from interested parties by August 17 and counter-comments by August 31.

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The deadline for recommendations for community radio has been extended by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). TRAI had requested input from interested parties regarding permitting non-profit organisations to establish Community Radio Stations (CRS).

The period for stakeholders to offer their opinions on the matter has now been extended by TRAI by two weeks. Prior to now, TRAI had requested input from interested parties by August 17 and counter-comments by August 31.

However, the deadline for stakeholder submissions has now been extended to August 31 and the deadline for reply comments to September 14.

In reality, TRAI has also requested opinions on whether to extend the current five-year licencing period for radio station operations to ten years in order to address the issue of community radio stations. The local community radio station concentrates on the everyday problems of that community and provides the information and entertainment that they require.

52 community radio stations have so far given the TRAI data. This information shows that 32 operators air adverts for five minutes or less per hour, whereas 16 community radios do not broadcast any kind of advertising at all.

The TRAI also asked for opinions on extending the maximum time for broadcast commercials on community radio in the consultation documents. At present, community radios can provide advertisements for only seven minutes in an hour. 

In addition, TRAI has asked the stakeholders for their opinions on how many community radio stations are present in each district. In order to encourage community radio, the government also introduced a programme in 2013 called Support Community Radio Movement in India.

Assistance of up to Rs 10 lakh is also offered under this programme to support the socioeconomic and cultural growth of the neighbourhood.


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