JBL C200SI Review

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  • JBL Signature Sound
  • True Powerful Bass. Driver sensitivity 100±3dBSPL, 1mW
  • Premium metallic finish with better & Ergonomics. Troubleshooting step: Kindly ensure the 3.5mm port on the Host device is clean and dust-free and 3.5mm jack of the earphone is adequately inserted inside the Host device port
  • Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • Quick Launch Access to Google Assistant / Siri
  • One-Button Universal Remote with Mic


JBL always comes up with new things and JBL C200SI in-ear earphones are the latest headphones that are famous in markets. This new C200SI in-ear earphone is a dynamic, super lightweight in-ear earphone. This is the reason they are famous in the market. 

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JBL C200SI earphones involve the 9-mm drivers that provide the best music vibe in your bones bass reaction and JBL C200SI in-ear earphones have the most amazing sound quality for which JBL is known.

JBL in-ear earphones are plume light for throughout the day comfort while being on the mode and sturdy, because of the metallic shower completes on their ear lodging. JBL C200SI in-ear earphones are easy to use as they are suited for all situations. 

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JBL C200SI has an in-line receiver that comes with an all-inclusive controller that allows you to talk and deal with your approaches to Android and iOS devices.

Specifications of JBL C200SI:

JBL C200SI in-ear earphones have great specifications that are easy to understand and the user can easily use the earphones.  All of the general specifications of JBL C200SI in-ear earphones are simple. Those are as follows:

General Specifications 
Driver Size 9mm
Frequency range 20-20kHz
Impedance 16+/-3.2 ohms
Driver Sensitivity 100+/-3dBSPL,1mW
Maximum SPL 5mW
Rated Power Input 3mW
Cable Length 1.2M
Plug 3.5mm
Country of Origin China
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These are the general specifications of JBL C200SI in-ear earphones. 


JBL C200SI in-ear earphones have different features that are famous and they will give advantages to the users. 

JBL Sound:

The overall sound quality of JBL is superior. A JBL C200SI in-ear earphone provides you the clear sound with bass you can feel. 

Lightweight and Comfortable:

The JBL C200SI in-ear earphones are lightweight in nature as you can use them in the situation and can easily take them out. The ear tips allow users to select the size that gives a good and comfortable experience of listening. 

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If you are looking for a longer listing period then these in-ear earphones are best for you. 

One-Button Remote:

The earphones accompany the one-button general with a disconnection amplifier, which provides the advantage to reply and deal with the calls easily without any difficulty.

Voice Assistant :

It is viable with Android gadgets. It enacts Google Assistant with a long press and makes it go.

Digital Noise Cancellation:

The earphone viably accompanies commotion-dropping innovation. It limits the interruptions offered by encompassing and allows you to appreciate the total beats.

C200SI in-ear earphone isn’t flooding with cutting edge highlights, yet it unquestionably has enough highlights to give its clients an agreeable and pleasant experience while they are in their music world. 

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It has drivers as ground-breaking as 9mm, giving its clients an exceptionally strong bass.

These are the different features of JBL in-ear earphones, those are easy to understand and provide the best advantages to the user. 

Pros and Cons of JBL C200SI:

Great Music Experience Less quality 
Metallic Design  Not for lifetime use
Compatibility The cable may get loose
Comes with the microphone The cable is not tangle-free 
Works with all systemsDesign is not very sleek 
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 These are the different advantages and disadvantages of earphones.


In case you are searching for headphones that will give you an extraordinary music listening experience at a financial plan with well-disposed value, C200SI in-ear earphones are for you.

It isn’t without blemishes; however, the professionals doubtlessly exceed the cons. It’s light and helpful to heft around. It has a strong bass sound and delivers clear and quality sound.

It can likewise be utilized for calls as it has its implicit mouthpiece. It accompanies a solitary catch distance on its link that empowers its clients to answer brings in their tuning.

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Be that as it may, it doesn’t have a next and past catch, and its link isn’t without tangle. A JBL C200SI in-ear earphone is additionally viable with every working framework.

With its lightweight trademark and single-button distant capacity, it makes it feasible for office works to appreciate the energizer that one can get from tuning in to music despite the bustling roads and swarmed vehicles.


Q. JBL C200SI in-ear earphones have a warranty? 

Ans. Yes, have 1 year of warranty.

Q. Is JBL C200SI in-ear earphones are good?

Ans. Yes, JBL in-ear earphones are the best to use.

Q. JBL C200SI in-ear earphones are better than JBL C100SI?

Ans. Both earphones have great advantages and features. You can use any one of them. But in the market, JBL C200SI in-ear earphones have lots of demand.

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Q. Can I use JBL C200SI in-ear earphones with different devices?

Ans. Yes, the compatibility level of C200SI in-ear earphones is great so you can use this with different devices.

Q. The microphone quality is good?

Ans. Yes, the microphone quality of the earphones is great.


If you also want to use the best earphones then C200SI in-ear earphones are best for you. This earphone has different specifications, features, and advantages.

JBL C200SI in-ear earphones are easy to use in any situation and the packaging quality of JBL earphones is also great.

JBL in-ear earphones are made with exceptionally trend-setting innovation like voice right hand, distant mouthpiece, and commotion wiping out innovation. It additionally has an engaging look and at a particularly reasonable value, it is worth purchasing.

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