Logitech G Pro keyboard Review

Overview of Logitech G Pro keyboard

The Logitech G Pro keyboard occupies less space as it is designed with tenkeyless and provides space for low-sens mousing. It is specially built for e-sport’s competition-level performance. It also includes rubber feet which provide stability during gaming.

Users can adjust the keyboard according to their comfort through three steps of angle adjustment. It uses the feature of LIGHTSYNC that helps to highlight keys and has a static program lighting pattern that onboards memory for tournament systems that does not allow G Hub installations.

Quick facts:

  • Light-speed Wireless: Super-fast 1 millisecond report rate connection
  • Hero 25K sensor through a software update from G HUB.
  • Microprocessor: 32-bit ARM
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Four removable side buttons for supreme customization.
  • 1-year hardware limited warranty

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Specifications Logitech G Pro

Brand Logitech G
Model No.920-009388
Dimensions14.96 x 1.97 x 6.3 inches
Weight2.77 pounds
Color Blue
Palmrest No
ConnectivityUSB Keyboard + USB Passthrough
PriceCheck price



The Keyboard is designed with pro-grade clicky switches and is pro-tested. This keyboard is also assured for tournaments and is built to win.


G Pro Keyboard consists of advanced clicky mechanical switches that provide users great performance and durability. It also consists of an audible feedback bump that provides solid and secure key passes. 


G Pro wireless keyboard has a tenkeyless design that provides more space to users for mousing.

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It includes LIGHTSYNC Feature that highlights the keys. This keyboard has customized lighting and animations along with G Hub Software. It saves static lighting design for tournament systems.


The G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard consists of a detachable micro USB cable. It provides an easy and secure connection. Also, users can take it anywhere across the world.


Users can adjust the keyboard according to their comfort. It includes rubber feet that provide stability to the keyboard. It consists of three-step adjustments that customize the angle according to the comfort of the users.

F-Key Macros

The Logitech Mechanical Gaming Keyboard consists of 12 programmable F-Key Macros. 

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Pros and Cons of Logitech G Pro


  • Logitech G Pro Keyboard allows the customizable adjustment.
  • Detachable cable due to which athletes can carry it anywhere across the world without any risk.
  • Includes onboard memory for tournament systems
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  • Limited to only F-key macro keys 

Logitech G Pro Keyboard Review:

The Logitech G Pro keyboard provides good performance and is built to win. This keyboard is great for those who are looking for an intense gaming keyboard.

Users of this keyboard can adjust the angle through three steps according to their comfort. 

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Q. Is the Logitech G Pro Keyboard mechanical?

Ans. Yes, Keyboard is mechanical

Q. Is the Logitech G pro keyboard wireless?

Ans. No, Logitech G Pro Keyboard is not wireless. Thus, it includes a detachable cable but only works by connecting the wire.

Q. Are the switches of the Logitech G Pro keyboard removable?

Ans. No, switches of the Logitech G Pro Keyboard cannot be removed.

Q. From where can we buy a Logitech G Pro Keyboard?

Ans. Buyers can buy this keyboard from any online shopping site such as Amazon(Click here to buy).

Q. Is the Keyboard worth it?

Ans. Yes, Logitech G Pro Keyboard is worth it as it is an excellent keyboard for gaming purposes.

Q. How to mute volume buttons on this keyboard?

Ans. By pressing the print screen key along with the screen lock with pause keys that are present at the right end of the keyboard. So you had to press pause keys with the shift. 

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At last, this Keyboard is the best for those people who are seeking a keyboard for gaming purposes. So, we would recommend buying this keyboard without any thought. It includes a customization feature that attracts a lot of buyers. 

So, if you are an e-sport player and are confused while choosing the best keyboard for intense gaming. So, Logitech Keyboard has solved your problem.

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