Realme Watch 3 Pro Review: GPS-equipped smartwatch with an AMOLED display

Realme Watch 3 Pro Review: The Realme Watch 3 Pro smartwatch has just been released in India by Realme India. This watch has a built-in GPS and calling capabilities. The watch has a 1.78-inch AMOLED screen with a 500 nit maximum brightness. Realme Watch 3 Pro’s pricing has been set at Rs. 4,999, however, it is now only available for that amount. For a few days, we have been using the Realme Watch 3 Pro. Tell us in your review how this smartwatch performed.

Realme Watch 3 Pro Review
This watch has a built-in GPS and calling capabilities. The watch has a 1.78-inch AMOLED screen with a 500 nit maximum brightness.

Realme Watch 3 Pro: Specifications

  • Display: 1.78 inches AMOLED
  • Rating for water resistance: IP68
  • Battery Life: 10 days
  • Calling: Yes
  • Strap Quality: Silicone
  • Weight: 41.5 grams
  • Bluetooth Version: v5.3
  • GPS: yes
  • Health Features: Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Sleep Monitor, Stress Monitor
  • Fast Charging: Yes
  • Price: Rs 4,999

Review of the Realme Watch 3 Pro: Design

The Realme Watch 3 Pro features a rectangular design and a metal-and-plastic frame. The watch has a high-end appearance and a comfortable fit on the hand. The silicone strap of the watch has a plastic buckle. Excellent strap and buckle quality. The watch appears to be pretty lightweight and has a high build quality.

On the right side of the watch, a physical button is available for power on/off, navigation, and other apps including activity, call, workout, and blood oxygen tracking. All types of sensors can be supported by the watch, and the bottom of the device features magnetic pins for charging. Realme Watch 3 Pro is available in Black and Gray. Reviewing today is a grey watch.

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Realme Watch 3 Pro Review: Display

A 1.78-inch HD Curved AMOLED display with a (368×448 pixel) resolution and 500 nits of maximum brightness are included on Reality’s Watch 3 Pro. The watch has good brightness. Even in the sun, using the watch is not an issue. Because of the great brightness, a display torch option is also available, which is quite helpful. With the display, a screen-to-body ratio of 68.7% has been provided. There won’t be any issues because of the superb display quality.

Realme Watch 3 Pro Review: Performance

Realme Watch 3 Pro has a calling feature. The microphone and speaker of the watch are of good quality. There won’t be any issues when you call. In a crowded area, making a call via the watch can be a little annoying. However, we had a positive calling experience both inside and outside. The watch also has built-in GPS functionality, which is useful while exercising. The watch’s accuracy is also good.

The watch also has a variety of watch faces, over 110 sports modes, and 5 main sports modes like cycling, walking and running. We used walking, running, and badminton in it, and its accuracy was commendable given the cost. Raise to Wake Up also functions nicely; we encountered no issues while using it.

The Realme Watch 3 Pro has a 24-hour heart rate monitor in addition to a SpO2 sensor, stress monitor, sleep monitor, and accelerometer sensor for tracking blood oxygen levels.

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Realme Watch 3 Pro Review: Battery Life and Charging

The 325mAh battery within the Realme Watch 3 Pro, according to the manufacturer, may last up to 10 days on a single full charge. Additionally, the watch has magnetic charging capabilities and can be fully charged in 1.5 hours. We have not observed any battery-related issues. The watch can be readily backup for up to a week without calling and three days with calling while being used normally.

Realme Watch 3 Pro now supports Bluetooth 5.3. Both iOS and Android devices can be connected to the watch. Additional connectivity options for the watch include Find My Watch with Quick Reply, Reminders, Alarm, Weather Updates, Music and Camera Control, Calculator, and Find My Phone. Additionally, this watch has an IP68 classification for water and dust resistance, so even a small amount of water won’t fast ruin it.

Realme Watch 3 Pro Review
At Rs 4,499, this Realme watch would be viewed as a good value overall. The watch’s functionalities all function properly. Although the watch has a plastic buckle, we have little reason to question the quality of its construction. The watch operates admirably in every way. The pricing will determine how wonderful this watch is considered to be.

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