76% of people in India leave the company and get ac service from outside, know what is the biggest reason

76% of people in India leave the company and get ac service from outside, know what is the biggest reason

In the scorching heat, AC gives the most relief to people, but the maintenance of AC is not so easy. Recently a survey has come about this which is quite surprising. In fact, 76 percent of Indians get AC service from outside the company due to all the complexity.

 The scorching heat has bothered everyone. To avoid the heat, most people get air conditioners (ACs) installed in their homes. AC gives a lot of relief to people from the heat, but companies do not seem too serious to give ‘relief’ to this relief thing. yes here we are talking AC servicing. Recently, an organization named Local Circle conducted a survey regarding this, in which very surprising information has come to the fore. According to the survey, 76% of customers with air condition do not get service from its manufacturer/company due to high cost, complicated contact process and time taken.

spilt and window AC

AC or cooler in 24 percent of Indian households

The domestic AC market in India is estimated to grow to around 5 million units per year. However, due to the scorching heat in most of the cities of India, the actual sales may be even higher. According to research, 24% of Indian homes have air conditioners or coolers. Most of these houses are in Chandigarh, Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra, Puducherry, Uttarakhand and some other states. People who have AC and cooler About 40% of them live in urban areas, while 16% live in rural areas. There is no doubt that India has a large number of middle class consumers, but the servicing and cost of the product disappoints them. This year local circles have received a large number of complaints against air conditioner manufacturers. It has been said in these complaints that companies give very slow response when it comes to after sales service.

42000 people participated in the survey

After the complaints, the local circle tried to know how people get the conditioner serviced when there is a problem with it. For this a team did a survey. This survey was done in 302 districts of India. During this, responses were taken from more than 42,000 people. Of these, about 65% were males while 35% were females. 42% of the people surveyed were from Tier 1, 29% from Tier 2, 29% from Tier 3, 4 and rural districts. During the survey, the team found that 76% of the consumers who own air conditioners do not get service from the manufacturer/company due to the high cost, complicated communication process and time taken.

More than 29% people get service out

The team asked the first question to the people that, why don’t you get the company to fix the air conditioner at your home? On this, only 18% of the consumers said that they get AC service from the company, while 29 percent talked about service from outside. Behind this, he gave the same reasoning mentioned above. This question was asked by 22,000 people in the survey.


65% people worried about high cost

If the reasons given by the consumers are evaluated in order of priority, it is revealed that 65% of the people do not get the air conditioner service from the manufacturer/company because of the “high cost”. At the same time, 36% of people distance because of the “complicated contact process”. 32% people get service from outside due to more time consuming.


2 out of 3 consumers giving 50% overcharge

During the survey, the next question was asked about the difference in rate between the service of the company and the service outside. In response, 23% said that the company’s charge is more than 100% as compared to local mechanics. 12% said that the charge is 75-100% more. 32% reported a difference of 50-75% in charges. 12% reported a difference of 25-50% in this charge. At the same time, there were 15% consumers who said that they have never been overcharged. 6% could not answer. Findings show that 2 out of 3 consumers who have air conditioners have to pay 50% more for the service to the company than the local mechanic. 20,891 responses were received in this question.

People demanded to make rules

In this survey conducted in January 2022, it also came out that many companies also end their warranty or service process in the middle. People say that BIS should issue such a standard for customer service after the sale of white goods and CCPA such rules, which can ensure timely resolution of the problem related to the product.

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