JBL C50HI Review

The new JBL C50HI is dynamic, super lightweight in-ear earphones conveying the bass reaction and unbelievable sound quality you anticipate. Despite their incredible sound presentation, C50HI is best for the entire day’s comfort. 

An in-line mouthpiece with a widespread controller allows you to talk and deal with your approaches to Android and iOS devices. Make proper acquaintance with an improved music experience with the JBL C50HI Wired Headset with Mic. 

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With highlights, such as True Bass, Voice upholds, smart looks, and JBL Signature Sound, these headphones will assist you with making the most of your number one track without limit.

Dynamic and super lightweight, the JBL C50HI in-ear earphones convey Bass Sound for all hurry exercises of yours. These earphones are Super light for the entire day’s comfort, C50HI earphones include an in-line receiver with widespread far off for your benefit.


JBL C50HI has great specifications and this can be understood by the users easily. With the help of specifications, you will get detailed information about the JBL C50HI. The audio specifications of JBL C50HI are as follows. 

                      Audio Specifications
Frequency Range  20-20kHz
Impedance  30+/-4.5ohms
Driver Sensitivity  101+/-3dBSPL,1mW
Maximum SPL 10mW
Rated Power Input  3mW
                          General Specifications
Model Name  C50HIBLK
Color  Black
Headphone Type In the Ear
Inline Remote Yes
Connectivity   Wired
Cable Length  1.2 mm
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These are the different audio and general specifications of JBL C50HI.

Features of  C50HI headphone

Features are the aspect of the object and the same goes for C50HI. The Features of the JBL C50HI are best as you will get different advantages also. The features of the C50HI will help you to understand more details about the C50HI earbuds.

Design and Build:

On the planning front, the C50HI is straightforward and utilitarian. The headphones are made together of plastic, with one tone. 

In another way, on the correct downside of the link, you will locate a basic single-button far off, which can assist you with controlling your calls and music. There are not any volume controls here so you will have to utilize your telephone. 

The form nature of the JBL C50HI is respectable, contrasted with the value can be great. In any case, the lone defect in the form of these headphones is its link, which is slim and tangle-inclined and it doesn’t look truly solid. 

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As a rule, the C50HI headphones look great with a nice form. Certainly, these headphones generally worked from plastic.


The correct point-in-ear style trench smartphone course of action perfectly fits inside the ear with no wobbling and the delicate silicone ear tips make wearing this device, an agreeable and compensating experience. 

If you wear them for a couple of hours all at once, then you will feel very content with the solace offered by these JBL earphones. The JBL C50HI is lightweight, just 12g. 

It likewise comes with a decent and fair quality mouthpiece, which permits you to accept voice approaches and abandon a lot of issues. The commotion segregation offered by these headphones is likewise acceptable. 

Lightweight and Comfortable:

C50HI earphones are lightweight so you can convey them with you anyplace. In addition, it accompanies an assortment of tip sizes for you to browse for a superior and all the more relieving experience.

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Sound Quality:

C50HI has the best sound and their bass is great. The overall quality of JBL C50HI is the best. Such as, with regards to the sound nature of C50HI, it performs truly well at the cost. 

The headphones come furnished with an 8.6mm speaker driver, which conveys boisterous and clear sound. It covers the standard 20 to 20000 Hz recurrence range and guarantees you don’t miss any huge notes on the music.

JBL True Bass:

The experience developed notes with genuine JBL level bass reaction making regular melodic excursion all the more engaging.

These are the different features of JBL C50HI headphones. 

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Pros and Cons of C50HI:

Pros Cons
Bass sound is best  Not meant to last for many years
It has a Noise cancellation feature Earplugs can sometimes be loose 
The built-in microphone is best The cable may get loose
Features are best Not compatible with every device like a laptop.
The accessories included in the package are nice
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The overall features and specifications of JBL C50HI are best as you can easily use these headphones on day to day basis. You can carry this headphone while traveling as it’s compatible with other devices too. 

In JBL C50HI, the overall Sound Quality is even. The bass is good, Vocals and acoustics are clear even on 100% volume. What’s more, as I said sound yield is even so it is uproarious and clear yet less noisy so you can listen to music on full volume. You will feel the genuine JBL Sound with these headphones.

The packaging quality and overall details of the C50HI are best as the sound quality, noise cancellation, and built-in microphone are the different advantages that provide the best experience. 


Q. Are JBL C50HI headphones good for long time use?

Ans. Yes, JBL C50HI headphones are good for long time use.

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Q. What if JBL C50HI headphones cause any issues? 

Ans. If your headphones are in warranty, then you can contact the JBL store nearby in your area. You will get a replacement for C50HI.

Q. JBL C50HI headphones are available on the online platform?

Ans. Yes, C50HI headphones are available on the online platform.

Q. Does JBL C50HI have the best features?

Ans. Yes, C50HI has the best features and advantages.

Q. The quality of JBL C50HI is best or average?

Ans. The quality of C50HI is the best.

Q. JBL C50HI is suitable for games?

Ans. Yes, C50HI is suitable for the gaming experience


The packing of this JBL C50HI is exceptionally decent, just as the headphone’s actual highlights. There is likewise variety with regards to shading as individuals will in general have various preferences, thus they will have various options as the weight is exceptionally light. 

This is intended for comfort and for long-haul use, which I believe is vital with the goal that it will do less harm and hearing harm for the clients. 

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Aside from actual highlights, the one thing that issues most is the nature of the item and the JBL C50HI has the quality that each user is searching for in in-ear headphones. What’s considerably more helpful is that anybody can utilize it for any reason and not only for explicit reasons.

Also, the majority of all assisted you with knowing why the new JBL C50HI is the best decision brand for in-ear headphones in the market today.

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