JBL C150SI Review

The new JBL C150SI is now everyone’s famous headphones. The specifications and the quality are the best key features of JBL C150SI. The underlying receiver of the headphone item works for any Android and IOS gadgets and JBL C150SI has a 9-mm driver that conveys the magnificent bass tone and sound quality, exactly what you can anticipate from JBL. 

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These JBL headphones are moderate, so it’s very justified, despite any trouble. The new JBL C150SI is a dynamic, super lightweight in-ear earphone. The 9-mm drivers of the headphones convey the vibes, besides you will get the unbelievable sound quality from JBL. They are light for throughout-the-day comfort.

They are lightweight so you can easily carry them while traveling and the cable connectivity is also awesome. Everybody is humming concerning why these headphones are an absolute necessity purchase! 

In JBL C150SI, there is an inherent receiver which makes it convenient for the user as it accompanies an all-inclusive distant that encourages you to oversee calls appropriately in any Android and IOS devices.

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Specification of JBL C150SI: 

The specification of JBL C150SI is awesome as a user can easily understand the features and the specifications. The general specifications of JBL C150SI are as following:

Driver  Advanced 9-mm Driver 
Impedance  16+/-3.2 ohms
Frequency Range 20-20kHz
Maximum SPL 5mW
Driver Sensitivity  100+/-3dBSPL, 1mW
Rated Power Input  3mW
Cord Length  1.2M
Country of origin  China 
Headphone Jack  3.5mm
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Features of JBL C150SI:

Lightweight and Comfortable:

This headphone is lightweight so you can carry them with you anywhere. Light due to its quills-like weight and agreeable due to the solace the earplugs can give in any event when utilizing for longer timeframes. In other from that, it comes with a variety of tip sizes for you to choose from for a better and more soothing experience.

One-button Universal Remote with Mic:

This one-button controller highlight is extremely useful as it easily causes you to deal with your calls with only one press of the catch. Fortunately, it works entirely in any Android and IOS device.

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JBL signature sound:

The great sound of JBL C150SI will give you the top-notch quality that guarantees great propagation of music. It can give you a superior encounter by tuning in to music, and that is since, supposing that its earplugs. 

The attachments cover the ear waterways quite well and with an ideal fit. This is one of the components that wipe out superfluous sounds in your general vicinity and climate.

Noise Cancellation:

Perhaps the best thing about the new JBL C150SI is its commotion-dropping element and certainly, nobody can differ about that. 

This element limits breaks in your environmental factors, particularly when you need to focus on accomplishing something, or simply need some harmony and calm to appreciate the great music that you’re tuning in to.

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The solidness of JBL may not keep going for quite a while, but rather for the number of months that you can utilize and appreciate it, without a doubt, the cash that you will spend in purchasing this won’t go to squander. 

Besides smartphones, you can likewise utilize this JBL earphone for PC and Laptops. It’s ideal for the individuals who need to work settled, with simply their headphones stopped, because nobody can trouble them. Indeed, because of the clamor dropping component that it has.

Pros and Cons:

Here are some advantages and disadvantages:

Pros Cons
Overall sound quality is good.  Not meant to last for many years
The noise cancellation feature is very helpful Earplugs can sometimes be loose 
The built-in microphone is excellent  The position of the microphone is not good
The Bass sound is authentic  It may get loose around the area of the earbuds
The accessories included in the package are nice Not compatible with every device
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These moderate and smooth headphones sound energizing and accompany solid bass. The inline distance of headphones with mic permits you to go to calls. This earphone is accessible on the two iOS and Android platforms. Force In-Ear is exclusively made for utilizing it alongside the present cell phones. 

The headphones have a lustrous surface, and are accessible in two tones, in particular dark chrome and dark red. The drivers are encased in dark red as contingent upon the shading picked plastic shape. 

It accompanies level links that keep them from winding and relaxing. Henceforth, it’s well on the way to remain how it is for a more extended time. 

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These headphones, dispatched in 2018, are a hit in the market due to their reasonable cost. You don’t need to spend a lot to get great standard headphones, and we are certain purchasers are anticipating it.

Besides the fact that the headphone is accessible for both the iPhone and Android forms, it doesn’t hurt the item’s general quality.


Q. Is JBL C150SI is good in quality?

Ans. Yes, JBL C150SI is good in quality.

Q. If the product malfunctions during the warranty period then what to do?  

Ans. You can approach the JBL service Center to get the replacement.

Q. What is the warranty of JBL C150SI?

Ans. JBL C150SI has a 1-year warranty.

Q. JBL C150SI is good to carry?

Ans. Yes, JBL C150SI is a lightweight headphone that you can easily carry with you while traveling.

Q. Does JBL C150SI has noise cancellation?

Ans. Yes, JBL C150SI has noise cancellation.

Q. Is the sound quality is good for JBL C150SI?

Ans. Yes, the sound quality of the JBL C150SI is excellent.

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Q. The wire quality of JBL C150SI is good?

Ans. Yes, the wire quality of JBL C150SI is good. 


Besides actual highlights, the one thing that issues most is the nature of the item and the JBL C150SI has the quality that each user is searching for in in-ear headphones. This is significantly more helpful in that anybody can utilize it for any reason and not only for explicit reasons. 

The bass sound is JBL’s unique sound, thus it is additionally fused in making this item. You can feel the music pounding in your ears totally along with the pleasant control and sound quality that the headphones give. 

The highlights of JBL C150SI headphones are one of JBL’s best without a doubt. After a seemingly endless amount of time after a year, they give a valiant effort to advance and grow better items to give to their clients. Also, consistently, they generally convey what’s anticipated from them.

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