Now Fastag of Vehicles can also be Recharged with Bitcoin

Crypto exchange Unocoin lets users ‘recharge’ FASTag using Bitcoins

The globe is using digital currency more and more. Famous businesspeople from around the world like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are also in favor of it. Its use and range are expanding in India as well. Even the ability to quickly refuel automobiles with bitcoin has been launched by a business.

If you drive a four-wheeler or a larger vehicle, you very certainly also have FASTag installed for use while paying at toll booths. Up until now, it has been recharged by e-banking or a mobile wallet. However, a local cryptocurrency business has launched the ability to recharge Fastag using Bitcoin.


100 rupees to 10 thousand recharge

In a recent blog post, Unocoin—one of the first cryptocurrency firms in India—discussed FASTag recharging. A new function has reportedly been introduced to their app, per the article. Users may use this to reload their FASTags with bitcoin that they have on hand. According to the business, if this trial is a success, additional cryptocurrencies outside bitcoin may be added to it in the future.

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How to Apply for Fastag

  • The vehicle owner, i.e. you, must first get the application form by clicking on the link to the FASTag official webpage.
  • You must first choose the bank from which you wish to obtain your FASTag before receiving the application form. Your screen will immediately display a new window as soon as you choose the bank.
  • You may apply for a FASTag from here. You can get all the information you need about it right here.
  • When you get here, all you have to do is click the link to Fastag that is there. You will then be presented with a disclaimer; read it, and then press the “I Agree” option.
  • After that, a form to obtain FASTag will appear on your screen. You must fill out certain questions about you and your car there, which will be required of you. Additionally, any supporting documentation must be supplied.
  • You will receive information on how to obtain the FASTag after completing everything and pressing the submit button at the conclusion. The bank will also issue a slip in your name at the same time. You may connect the FASTag card and your bank account using that slip as well.Read Also: About road safety


Q. What is FASTag?

Ans. The NHAI manages the FASTag electronic toll collecting system.

Q. How to use Fastag?

Ans. This is a sticker that has to be put on the windscreen of the vehicle.

Q. How to pay money through FASTag?

Ans. With this, you have to add a bank account, after which it is also paid like online payment.

Q. How to read FASTag at toll plaza?

Ans. The FASTag is read by a reader at the toll plaza, which subsequently subtracts the appropriate amount from the account.

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