Suddenly a Delivery Boy became billionaire; Bought a new house

The delivery boy became rich after investing in cryptocurrency

The former Amazon delivery boy has admitted that he invested in cryptocurrencies to become a millionaire.

Millionaire Delivery Boy
Millionaire Delivery Boy

Delivery Boy Became Millionaire: 

A former Amazon delivery boy who took a small risk to become rich has since left his nation and moved to Dubai. He invested roughly Rs. 4 crores in a luxurious property in Dubai and about Rs. 2 crores in a car.

Many people aspire to the style of the ex-delivery guy. Let us introduce you to Kaif Batty, a former delivery guy who became a millionaire. He resides in the British metropolis of London. He started residing in Dubai after becoming wealthy.

Before becoming a millionaire, he used to work for 12-14 hours

Kaif Baty used to be impoverished, according to a Daily Star article. He attends a school in London. His teacher frequently made fun of him in front of the class for not studying quickly.

Kaif started working as an Amazon delivery boy after graduating in 2017. He used to put in between 14 and 15 hours a day, but his pay was really meager.

Left Amazon job because of this

At the age of 28, Kaif made the decision to quit his work owing to the low pay and put 700 euros, or roughly 56 thousand rupees, into cryptocurrencies. Kaif soon realized a sizable profit; his initial investment had grown to roughly 24 lakh rupees.

Kaif claimed that he had never previously seen such a huge quantity. Kaif kept making cryptocurrency investments after the profit.

Get rich by taking a little risk

Kaif then kept making cryptocurrency investments for another 12 months. A few months after quitting his work, he invested in cryptocurrencies and eventually came into possession of Rs 4 crore.

After a year, Kaif received a significant benefit, and he once more made the decision to go to Dubai. For his stay in Dubai, Kaif spent 4 crores on an apartment and 2 crores on a fancy vehicle.

Kaif admitted that his parents were initially concerned about his future when he quit his job at Amazon. But everyone was shocked when he later found success.

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