How to Buy Dogecoin from Grocery Stores in USA?

In America now you can buy Dogecoin from grocery stores too. Earlier this facility was available only for Bitcoin but now there are many cryptocurrencies, and Dogecoin is one of them. This feature is being come into existence through Coinstar’s large green kiosk where customers can buy cryptocurrency in exchange for money or withdraw money by selling their cryptocurrency.

Fortune’s report says that for exchanging money with cryptocurrency in grocery stores, you need to create an account in Coinme. After creating a Coinme account. The company started this 4 years back. For this, Coinstar company which makes large kiosks by which you can buy Dogecoin from grocery stores shakes hands with the Coinme crypto exchange company.

For this feature, customers need to verify their Coinme account. For verification of the Coinme account users can use their Driving license or they can use other documents.

The customer must set up his Coinme account to use these services. After that, users can use a Coinstar machine to swap cash for a crypto voucher. The fee for this facility is 4% on the machine. Nevertheless, this is a pricey method of purchasing cryptocurrency. Due to the shifting value of digital currencies like Bitcoin, any conversion value supplied versus cash will be based on the market conditions at a given time.

Walmart has already installed 200 Coinstar kiosks in its stores. In America, a total of 9000 Coinstar kiosk machines are already installed. CEO of Coinstar Jim Gaherity said that customers are asking for currencies other than Bitcoin in their kiosks that’s the reason they started trading Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Polygons in Coinstar’s machines.

buy Dogecoin from grocery stores at Coinstar kiosk

Follow these 4 steps to buy Dogecoin from grocery stores at Coinstar kiosk

You need to select “Buy Dogecoin” at the Coinstar kiosk, you need to agree with the terms and conditions mentioned there, and also you have to provide your phone number.

Then you will get the option to insert US dollars ( coins are not acceptable for buying cryptocurrencies in Coinstar’s kiosks). You can buy Dogecoin maximum amount of Doge per day is $2,900. 

After paying money in Coinstar’s kiosks you will get a printout of the voucher with the redemption code. Consider this redemption code as valuable as a currency until you redeem it.

Now go to the Coinme website and create a free account to redeem your voucher code. If you are already a member, then log in to your account and then redeem your voucher code.

Some easy steps to create a Coinme account

  • Download the Coinme app from the Google play store or apple store & tap ‘Get started.
  • After opening the app, fill in the required login details like email & password. Read and accept the term & conditions of the app after that proceed to ‘continue’. Enter your phone number and continue to the next page.
  • A verification code will be sent to the mobile number you need to put that code on the verification page for successful verification.
  • Once your phone number is verified. After that, you need to complete your KYC process. Tap the continue button and you will see the KYC verification process.
  • Now you will be asked to take a photo of your front camera with your valid identification card or with your Driving license.
  • Then you will be asked for your identification card on both sides. And a selfie to verify the identity. Tap “Submit the information.”
  • Once your id is verified you will be required to set up your wallet. 
  • Set up a 6-digit password for your wallet.
  • Then all your options will be unlocked for you then you can buy Dogecoin from grocery stores or send or buy.

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