JBL live 200bt Review

JBL Live 200BT helps users to keep in touch with their world in style. These in-ear headphones are wireless and deliver JBL signature sound along with their flexible neckband. It is designed with premium materials and provides 10 hours of continuous streaming of your playlist with 2 hours of charging.

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The users will enjoy the magnetic buds of these headphones and have soft-touch ear tips that provide comfort for long-lasting periods of listening.

Specifications JBL Live 200BT Earphone

Brand JBL
Manufacturer  Harman International Industries, Inc
Model Number JBL LIVE200BT BLK
Country of origin China
Model Name  JBL Live 200BT
Model Year 2018
Weight 309 g
Dimensions 15.2 x 5.1 x 20.2 cm 
Batteries included Yes
Batteries required  No
In-built microphone available Yes
Includes Rechargeable battery Yes
Connectivity  Bluetooth
Material  Aluminum
Connector Type  Wireless
Price Check Price on Amazon

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Features of JBL Live 200BT Headphone

JBL Signature Sound

These JBL Live 200BT in-ear headphones deliver JBL signature sound same as sounds found in studios and concerts.

Battery Life

These wireless headphones have 10 hours of battery life plus need 2 hours to charge. The users can enjoy listening for 10 hours without any hurdles. 

Magnetic Buds

These earphones are convenient to us because of their magnetic buds that ensure a tangle-free experience. 

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These wireless earphones include multi-task connectivity that can connect with two devices at the same time. 

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Hands-Free Calls

These JBL Live 200BT in-ear headphones not only provide you with music listening but also provides hands-free stereo calls. 


Live 200BT is designed in such a way that provides comfort and includes flexible neckband. These headphones rest securely and comfortably even throughout the long period of the listening session. 

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Voice Assistant

These headphones easily access your voice assistant with the one-button remote control. 


Live 200 BT is available in five colors and that are Black, Blue, Green, Red, and White.

Pros and Cons


  • Delivers best sound quality
  • Provides comfort to users
  • Battery backup is good
  • Good connectivity
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  • If you are on the road, bus, or somewhere in a busy place, then you will find the sound quality of these headphones very low. 
  • JBL Live 200BT in-ear headphones are not sweat-proof
  • It is quite expensive compared to other competitors with the same features.
  • Bass quality is not so good
  • Check price


JBL 200BT wireless in-ear headphones are best for those who want strong audio performance as it delivers JBL signature sound.

It has a strong battery backup so they are the best option who remain active for a long-lasting period and they can enjoy long sessions of music without any charging problem.

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Q. Does JBL Live 200BT supports voice command?

Ans. Yes, JBL Live  headphone supports voice command

Q. What’s in the box?


  • Live 200BT
  • Three sizes of ear tips
  • Charging cable
  • Warranty card
  • Safety sheet

Q. Does JBL Live 200BT vibrate when an incoming call is received?

Ans. No, this headphone does not have an option of vibration when an incoming call is received.

Q. Are these earphones waterproof?

Ans. No, JBL Live 200BT in-ear headphones are not waterproof.

Q. Does it have a noise cancellation feature?

Ans. No, JBL 200BT does not have a noise cancellation feature

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Q. Can these earphones be used while playing games?

Ans. Yes, you can use Live 200BT while playing games.

Q. Will the JBL Live 200BT in-ear headphones battery be replaced?

Ans. No, you cannot replace the battery of the Live 200BT

Q. What is the version of Bluetooth in JBL Live 200BT?

Ans. The version of Bluetooth is 4.2

Q. What is the size of the sound driver?

Ans. 8mm 


Overall, JBL Live 200BT wireless in-ear headphones deliver strong audio performance and ensure JBL signature sound. It also includes good battery life and music lovers can enjoy it for 10 hours without any difficulties

We would recommend these wireless headphones over its competitors as it is comfortable and is lightweight, so you can carry it for the whole day. Also, it provides a flexible neckband. 

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