In iPhone now there will be Passkey instead of password, know about this new feature which will end hacking

iPhone: Apple is currently working to remove the password system from its products, including the iPhone. This prevents iOS users from entering a password to access websites and apps. According to news sources, the corporation will use this to strengthen the security of the iPhone. Cyber security professionals frequently warn customers and businesses about the risk of password hacking. As a result, the new security system is getting ready to include Passkeys as an alternative to Apple Password.

To eliminate the problem of iPhone hacking, Apple is bringing the feature of Paaskey instead of Password in iOS 16.

In iOS 16, the Paaskey feature will be accessible.

By the end of the year, Apple might release macOS Ventura for Mac computers and iOS 16 for its iPhones with a passwordless login method. The business made this announcement at the Apple WWDC 2022 event, which took place in June. However, it is currently anticipated that the business will also be able to introduce the passwordless login function in conjunction with the introduction of the iPhone 14 series at the Apple event scheduled to take place on September 7.

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How Passkey will work

After the release of this functionality, iPhone users will check in to any website or app using Paaskey rather than a password. This key will be digital, so you won’t even have to remember it. Users will have to authenticate themselves using Touch or Face ID on an iPhone or Mac before they can log in.

Apple products will become unhackable

Users will be able to log in immediately using a passkey after the launch of this new functionality. The primary benefit of Passkey, according to the research, is that it cannot be leaked. This will also make Apple gadgets impenetrable to hackers. The user’s device will save this passkey, but Apple iCloud will sync it with other devices as well. Even Apple won’t be aware of this passkey due to its extreme security. On the public beta of iOS 16, the company is testing this new security feature before making it available to all users.

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